Utilizing VR in therapy

VR is not just for gaming. Recently I got the pleasure to be trained in VR therapy, and it is probably one of the most exciting things I have done in my career. VR therapy incorporates all the things I love about therapy and helping others in one accessible package.

When I first began training in VR therapy Ready Player One immediately jumped to my mind. Being ported to a new world while also bringing in what makes you feel a certain kind of way in the real world.

For those that have sat through a session with me you know I love to utilize technology and technology references when utilizing analogies. We can go on a whole quest (pun intended) together about your presenting situation. What if we got to go through that experience together through VR!

VR can help folks who experience anxiety in situations like social gatherings, crowds, airplanes, driving, heights, public speaking/presentations and more! It can also be utilized as a tool to explore small manageable pieces of activation, stress or trauma. An immersive activity is going in google maps to visit a place where activation might have occurred and explore it safely in the office!