The Holiday Dance

The holidays can be joyful and triumphant, but they can also be isolating and full of grief. It can be difficult to manage everyone’s “Holiday spirit” when you just want to hide out in your room and not talk to anyone. Psychology today had a wonderful article regarding how “not everyone enjoys the holidays.” At … More The Holiday Dance

Procrastination; let’s talk about it, tomorrow.

A quick Google search of procrastination leads to a few common words, lazy and lack of self-control. I have counseled (and know) many successful, motivated, and in control individuals that would consider themselves “procrastinators.” A realization occurred when I did this 5 second search, the shame that comes along with procrastinating. So, I decided to … More Procrastination; let’s talk about it, tomorrow.

How am I supposed to grieve and what am I supposed to grieve over?

The stages of grief are identified by Kübler-Ross as; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. These stages do not have to be processed in a linear fashion, nor do we have to hit every stage. Grief is different from person to person, and it does not mean that someone in your life has to have … More How am I supposed to grieve and what am I supposed to grieve over?

Couples Therapy

“I always…” “They never…” “I wish they would…”   These are pretty common conversation starters when I ask clients about their partners. But when I ask, “What do you like about your partner/relationship?” that usually it takes a long while to answer. Luckily it is usually answered, but it takes much more thought to come … More Couples Therapy

Do I Need Therapy?

A common question that I get from potential client’s, friends, and even family members is “Do I need therapy?” This question really depends on your ability to identify and use coping skills, knowledge about your own emotions, and willingness to share information that you have probably kept locked away with a stranger. I always answer … More Do I Need Therapy?