Do I Need Therapy?

A common question that I get from potential client’s, friends, and even family members is “Do I need therapy?” This question really depends on your ability to identify and use coping skills, knowledge about your own emotions, and willingness to share information that you have probably kept locked away with a stranger.

I always answer that question with, everyone could use some therapy in their life. Going to therapy has a strong stigma behind it though. Some might think they are “weak” and cannot handle a situation and have to talk to a “shrink” to tell them they are “crazy.” Others have said, “What will (insert persons name here) think about me going to therapy?”

A few busters to that myth are, 1) the only person that has to know you are in therapy is you. Confidentiality is one of the main aspects of therapy, so the therapist cannot talk to anyone unless you authorize them to. Also, do not feel forced to share about your mental health, what medication you are taking, or what you discuss in treatment. 2) A therapist will not call you “crazy” nor are you “crazy” for seeking assistance in bettering yourself.

Paying attention to warning signs is also a flag of maybe needing to seek therapy. If you notice a difference in your (or someone important in your life’s) concentration, memory, increased wanting to be along, increased sleep, frequent discussions regarding worry about whats going to happen, or a feeling of being overwhelmed which leads to avoiding certain situations. These are all flags, that it might be beneficial to seek out a therapist.

There are a lot of therapist out there, and searching for one can be overwhelming. I highly recommend contacting your insurance to see who is in your area, and/or using sites like or to see what therapist would work best for you.

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